East Africa's first commercial apple farm + apple tree nursery  

Our mission is to advance the standard of locally produced goods and services for present and future generations.

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Shaping Tanzania's future

As the first apple tree farm in East Africa, tamu tamu tanzania is a hub where East Africans are empowered with the tools to run profitable businesses, enabling them to attain a higher quality of life and break the cycle of generational poverty.

 Based on projected tree sales, we will only be able to satisfy 5% of Tanzania's fresh apple demand by 2030  

Extensive R&D

50 different varieties tested over 5 years of R&D to determine the 8 best performing apple varieties in Tanzania.


These trees generate life-changing income streams for thousands of smallholder farming families.

Increasing Capacity

We are currently working to increase our capacity to meet demand for young apple trees.  

Company Timeline



Secure 17 new tree crop varieties

Sell 40,000 apple trees

Hire 23% more staff


Increase off-taking + processing capacity

First tree exports to East African countries

Sell 84,000 apple trees


Continue to share apple production knowledge

Further develop apple purchasing from smallholders + on-site processing facilities

Growing Agricultural Success

Join us to change the apple landscape of Tanzania.